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We empower Entrepreneurs

By providing strategic advice, industry access, and risk capital .

  • Strategic advice

    We act as a sounding board to help entrepreneurs answer major strategic questions. Whether it is developing a marketing strategy, setting up an organization, or building a new product, we leverage our strategic management experience to guide them to success.

  • Industry access

    We help startups access people and information relevant to their industry. Whether it is validating demand for a new product, hiring a seasoned executive, or forging a strategic partnership, we connect entrepreneurs with relevant contacts through our network of relationships that we have developed over the past years.

  • Risk capital

    We ensure that promising startups have enough money to implement their strategies. We invest directly into early and growth stage startups in return for an equity stake. Moreover, we are connected to regional and international venture capitalists that we help entrepreneurs reach out to if needed for later stage expansion.