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investing is a rigorous  process

requiring an entrepreneur to be engaged and responsive for 10 to 16 weeks.


Within two to three weeks, a member of our investment team will screen your business plan to decide on the compatibility with our general investment guidelines and criteria. In this phase the business concept is examined, along with the basic financial requirements, regulatory issues, and relevant experiences/competencies of the management team.


An appraisal team is formed form the investment team to examine your business plan in detail. Additional information and multiple meetings will be required and basic research will be conducted to assess the opportunity from the legal, financial, technical, and operational aspects.


If the investment team finds your opportunity attractive enough to justify an investment a term sheet will be developed setting fourth the basic terms and conditions under which an investment will be made. Term sheets are non-binding legal documents but provide the basis for future legal investment documents. All parties have to agree to the terms of the term sheet before carrying on an investment.


Once the term sheets are signed, the proposed investment is presented to our fund’s Investment Committee before it can be carried out. The investment committed consists of representatives from EFG-Hermes and MCIT and ensures that the investment follows the mandate of the fund.


All the details of the business come under scrutiny and are examined and refined by the appraisal team. The due-diligence is only conducted once the business plan has been approved for investment in the earlier phase. Once the due-diligence confirms and verifies the required details, the process of finalizing and closing the deal begins.


The funding transaction is executed once all the above criteria are met through a set of legal documents which are approved by legal council and signed by authorized officers.