SWS Showcases Innovative ASIC Solutions for Consumer Sensors

Cutting Edge Solutions Offer Low Noise and Low Power for Multi-Axis Inertial Sensors

CAIRO, Egypt – June 2, 2014 – Si-Ware Systems (SWS), a premier provider of IC- and MEMS-based solutions for industrial and consumer applications, will be showcasing its newest, cutting edge, consumer grade ASIC solutions for inertial sensors this week at Sensor+Test in Nuremberg Germany.

The SWS1202 is a 6-axis inertial sensor interface IC that includes a dedicated I2C interface to an external 3-axis magnetometer, creating a 9-axis device for motion tracking in portable consumer devices. It boasts superior analog performance, achieving a noise level of 0.005 dps/√Hz for angular motion and 200 μg/√Hz for linear motion at only 3.3mA with all axes active. It also features a low power intermittent mode for acceleration data acquisition, consuming less than 20μA at low sampling rates (10 samples).The SWS1202’s 1μA sleep current (while retaining user register data), along with its extensive self-sleep and self-wake interrupt functions, enable very low total power consumption providing a key benefit in battery operated devices.

The second ASIC is the SWS1220, which is a 2-axis MEMS gyroscope interface IC targeted for OIS applications and other consumer applications requiring low power and cost. It achieves excellent noise performance (0.0065 dps/√Hz) and low power (3.7mA with both axes active, 5uA sleep). It includes a regulated voltage charge pump for high voltage MEMS actuation/excitation.

Both ASICs have small footprints with minimal external components, allowing for low cost sensor module solutions to be developed.

SWS has a portfolio of silicon-proven IP in the inertial sensing area. It is currently supplying ASICs in volume to a number of MEMS inertial sensor suppliers that are selling high performance gyroscopes and accelerometers. SWS also offers its unique development platforms to MEMS developers that drastically reduces the development time for inertial sensors. The development platforms have been used successfully across a range of inertial sensors, from high performance to consumer.

“SWS has a proven track record in providing best in class electronics solutions for high performance MEMS based inertial sensors,” said Amr Hafez, ASIC Solutions Division Manager at SWS. “We have now extended that expertise to the consumer inertial sensing domain. The small size of the SWS1202 and SWS1220, their low power, and superior performance make them an excellent solution for MEMS and piezo sensor developers seeking to bring to market best in class products.”

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