4 million people can now pay their electricity bills through Fawry

Earlier this month, Al Shourk newspaper has mentioned that the Ministry of Electricity of Egypt announced the launch of a new service with Fawry to facilitate the  collections of electricity bills for citizens. According to Dr. Aktham Abuo-Ela, First Undersecretary to the Minister, this service will benefit more than four million customers at North Cairo Company for Electricity Distribution; These customers can take advantage of Fawry’s payment network which is the largest and most integrated system to view, share and pay bills through ATMs, mobile phones and more than 40 thousand authorized service center across the republic.

For full article go to http://www.shorouknews.com/news/view.aspx?id=6c67c38e-09d5-4d3f-adda-5b56feed5515

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