SMART expands into Bread Distribution

Earlier this year, Port Said was the first province to pilot electronic distribution of bread powered by Smart Cards Applications. As reported by Al Ahram newspaper, General Ahmed Abdullah Governor of PortSaid said, “The experience of bread distribution through smart cards was met with extreme success that put an end to the debate over the applicability of distribution of the technology.” According to the newspaper, the new experiment has saved over 30% of the provinces allocation of wheat. The rollout of this new system in Port Said is expected to benefit approx 500 thousand citizen.



Expanding the system to tackle the Bread distribution problem is a new breakthrough for the rising startup. For a number of years now, Smart Cards Applications, one of Ideaveloper’s early investment, has been providing and operating the technical infrastructure that allows the government to distribute food subsidies for millions of families across the country. With it’s large install base of points of sale and ration cards, the startup has a lot more opportunities to grab.


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