Offerna setting a new record in Egypt’s e-commerce

Leading Egyptian e-commerce, Offerna scored 1 Million in gross sales in just one daily offer last month; setting a new record in the e-commerce space in Egypt by offering the lowest price for a limited quantity of Samsung Galaxy S3. The offer was valid for one month but it was all sold out in couple of weeks.


Samsung Galaxy S3 is not the only deal Offerna is offering in this field, they are also offering Galaxy note 2, Apple Mini Ipad, Iphone 4s, Iphone 5 and Ipad new with cheapest prices in Egypt.


Offerna is now enjoying a double digit monthly growth in gross sales, considering this just a beginning of a big wave of growth in Egypt’s e-commerce. Offerna’s team which is more than 65 employees distributed between sales, customer service, merchant relations, technology, marketing and support are eager to satisfy their customers with new offers and best service.

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