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It’s an Experiment

“It’s an Experiment”, that’s how Egyptian entrepreneurs need to think of their startups BEFORE they go out to seek funding. It must start as an experiment, an allocation of scarce resources, time and/or money, to answer a number of keyRead more

Egypt’s online industry to boom, and the way to win is ….

Egypt is very close to seeing a long awaited Internet boom. Not like the one that started around year 2000 and ended up with a few moderate successes of limited impact, but one that will result in online services becomingRead more

Ideavelopers Invests $1 million in Social Games Developer, Nezal

Cairo, Egypt – October 20th, 2011 – Ideavelopers, managers of the Technology Development Fund (“TDF”), led a Series A round with an investment of $1 million in Social Games developer, Nezal. In this investment round Nezal also raised additional fundsRead more

Ideavelopers invests in Egypt’s First Group Buying Website,

Cairo, Egypt – October 2nd, 2011 – Ideavelopers lead a Series A investment round in Offerna, Egypt’s first group buying site. “After surveying the landscape of group buying sites in Egypt, we were extremely impressed with Offerna’s team and vision.Read more

Sharing our thoughts on new markets

In course of our job we constantly explore new market opportunities. Some of them are driven by changes in the socioeconomic conditions of our region, worldwide emerging trends, or new and disruptive technologies. In this section we will try to shareRead more

Sharing our thoughts on starting new ventures

In this section, the investment team will go in more depth in sharing and discussing their views on the attributes we look for in entrepreneurs and their startups – what personal attributes, what structural requirements, what type of ambition, ..Read more